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Learn and master Japanese faster and easier with Memorizeitall.
Memorizeitall was originally created to master Japanese kanji. We offer a variety of content for users who want to learn Japanese.
First thing first. Make sure to memorize hiragana as the very first thing. See our blog posts for understanding why.
Below is a list of some of the Japanese related content you can memorize using Memorizeitall.

Hiragana is the very basic of Japanese. You MUST learn hiragana as the very first thing, if you want to learn Japanese without foreign accent. Mastering Hiragana takes you a huge step forward in your effort to master Japanese. Mastering Hiragana, will make your spoken Japanese understandable from very early stage of learning Japanese language.
Memorizeitall offers a complete package of memorizing Hiragana.

Memorize hiragana with Memorizeitall

JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, is the one certificate you want to have when you apply for VISA to Japan.

Japanese authorities judge your Japanese level based on this test. Due to a point system introduced some years ago, the higher score you can present, the better chance you have for getting a visa.

There are five levels in JLPT, namely:






JLPT N1 is the highest level.

Memorizeitall offers content for all five levels, for you to memorize kanji.

We are working on other items for JLPT.






Memorize JLPT / Japanese Language Proficiency Test on Memorizeitall

Katakana is the second Japanese alphabet out of three. Katakana is also very important to memorize.

Memorizeitall offers a complete package for memorizing Katakana

Memorize katakana fast and easy with Memorizeitall

Other content

Memorizeitall offers a variety of content for users who want to memorize Japanese language.

Check it out on our web site by signing up for free at:

Among the content we offer are the following:

Japanese most common family names

Ordinary drivers license


& much much more!

Memorize Japanese with Memorizeitall



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