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How to use Memorizeitall


Get started

You need to sign up and create a FREE account.
You need to click on the link in the email you received.
Sign in and search for content to try out and get used to the main navigation menu.


YouTube tutorial

We have started creating YouTube videos for the most basic functions of Memorizeitall. We are still working on it, but we have made each video as short as possible, pinpointing one single issue at the time. Please check our videos out at your convenience.

  • Youtube


Chat & Zoom sessions

You can always start up a chat room with us by clicking on the "Members Chat" button.

If you need more detailed and systematical introduction, please sign up for one of our Zoom tutorial sessions (English & Japanese).

More "how to"


Create your own content

If you cannot find content on Memorizeitall for your specific needs, why not simply create your own content? It is very easy to create your own content. To add value to you, you can either make the content public or secret content. So either you share the content with other users, or you can keep it for yourself only.


Create a group

You can even create a group, invite members to the group and create content that is only available for the group members. Useful for educational institutions, teachers, companies, or any other group of people.


Much more features!

Yes, there are much more features.

So why not sign up now, create your free account and try out 5 contents for free and discover much more features!

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