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Lets explore Memorizeitalls amazing features!



Memorizeitall aims to be the most efficient software for memorizing.
Check out the amazing features which will make you memorize anything faster and easier.

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Download content

Memorizeitall already contain more than 250 content. Search and find the content which suits your needs.

A shortcut to memorize more and fast, is to download what other users have created. Memorizeitall gives you the option to donwload and memorize content other users have created.


Create own content

You can create your own content! Create content using text, images, sound or video files. 

Memorizeitall gives you he opportunity to create content using text, images, video or sound files.

Sign up for free

Sign up for free today and get up to 5 content of your own choice absolutely free!

There are much more!


Share your content

You can either share your content with other users, or you can download what other users have created. If you need the content to be private content, that is possible too. Simply select not to share it with anyone.

With Memorizeitall, you can share all your contents with friends, students, family, colleagues or total strangers. Make a difference. Change the world! Create content with your knowledge, so other pepole can learn!


Create a group

You can even create a group,

invite members to the group and create content that is only available for the group members.
Useful for educational institutions, teachers, companies, or any other group of people.

Creating groups increases your benefits from using Memorizeitall considerable. Check it out!


Much more features!

Yes, there are much more features.

So why not sign up now, create your free account and try out 5 contents for free and discover much more features!

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