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Educational institutions
are big fan of Memorizeitall


Compulsory education

Basic education

Memorizeitall is used within compulsory education, for memorizing basic things like language, math, geography, biology, chemistry, history, religion / philosophy, music, society and much more.

Higher education

At this level, it is important for the students to memorize a lot of materials. Most students now know which direction they want to go, education wise. They have an idea about what they want to become, and they have an interest in becoming the best on their field. It is important the students get the best possibilities to learn.
Memorizeitall offers a very good, efficient and affordable supplement for the students for memorizing what they need to memorize.



At universities, the interest of studying a subject normally increases. Thus students might want to get involved in creating own content or share content with each other. There might not be many students who need the exact same content for memorizing, as for compulsory education, however, the students will usually be more willing to pay for good content. This opens up for teachers or even student, creating and offering content for a certain amount.

The content will be available as long as the creator keeps his account, so it might become a lifelong income.

Vocational schools

Needless to say, vocational schools need memorizing as much as any other schools.

A vocational school may, depending on the country, be referred to either secondary or post-secondary education. It is designed to provide vocational education or technical skills required to complete the tasks of a particular and specific job. Despite vocational schools might focus on a certain skillset for a specific type of job, it also require the students to memorize a lot of materials.

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